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Pilates is a safe and effective exercise approach for body conditioning and reactivating deep stabilising muscles. It targets deep postural muscles working to strengthen the body from the inside-out, resulting in a new awareness of correct body posture aimed at minimising stress & strains on the spine. Pilates is suitable for first time exercises as well as athletes looking at enhancing their performance & reducing the risk of injury recurrence. The principals of Pilates focuses on;

- Breathing
- Centring
- Concentration
- Co-ordination
- Flowing movement

Pilates increases, strength, flexibility & body a weariness. The exercise approach has a growing Evidence base & found it's use in a wide variety of conditions. Pilates is increasingly being recommended for management & rehabilitation work in Musculoskeletal, Neurological & women's Health.

Assessment sessions - A necessary requirement for patients/ clients with long term joint problems or recovering from surgery.
One to One sessions - These ensure delivery of an effective rehabilitation program for the optimal recovery. These sessions allow a close supervision and formulation of individualised rehabilitation program.

Beginners classes:
Intermediate Classes
Advance classes

Initial Assessment & introductory Session - £50
Group Classes - £12
6 block booking - £60
One to One sessions - £30